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Patterned drapes

Incorporating drapes in your room is a wonderful way of adding simple charm and a personal touch to a space. These fabulous fabrics can be a statement piece in a number of creative, simple ways that take them beyond the window and into the home.

We’ve looked around and found a few easy-to-do drapery ideas to use when decorating your home. These unique window treatments are sure to add something special!


Drape off your creative space

Have a special area in your home where you go to relax, or a space you use to get some work done? ItDrapery idea could be your bed, a reading nook, even a repurposed closet.

Rather than breaking out a heavy—and sometimes visually jarring—room divider, take your space and cozy it up with some drapes! Drapes offer a softer alternative to creating a little privacy in your special area. In this example, the owner only needed a small area portioned off, and was able to achieve this by using just a bit of drapery.


Looking for ideas on what to do for your bathroom? We have you covered.

Trade cabinets for drapes

Curtains instead of cabinets

Some areas of the house seem more prone to clutter than others—take the kitchen and the laundry room in particular.

Try using drapes in place of cabinet doors in your storage areas. This crafty DIY project is perfect for livening up the kitchen or laundry room without going through the hassle of a new cabinet installation. The design is fun and cute, and more than that, it’s incredibly easy to do!

And another plus, it looks great with any interior design! It can be rustic and simple, or made more elegant. You can also use draperies to add a bit of color and pattern in a room.

Experiment and see what suits your space the most!


Dramatic drapes

Elegant Drapes and Curtains

Drapes can be a perfect, dramatic pop in any home. Match them to wallpaper or contrast them with the color of the wall, let them spill over onto the floor in a rich pool of fabric—these fabrics are suited to make any room a stand-out.

This is an elegant look with a combination of comfort, creativity, and beauty. Blending both curtains and drapery in this room gives a very dramatic effect that is easy to achieve in your home!

You have the drapes down, but you’re looking for something else. Dark wood blinds are an elegant choice.

Pretty patterns

Patterned fabrics for drapes It can be hard figuring out how you want things to be highlighted in your home. Luckily, drapery designs are an easy solution!

Patterns are a great way of breaking up a space while also providing visual interest to the eye.

You might be drawn to stripes, chevrons, or floral patterns, but no matter what you like, all are great ways of making a statement!

These drape ideas are simple ways to define a space and add a more personal touch when it comes to decorating your home! Unique decorations like this are what make interior design so much fun. Try some out and see what it can do for your home.

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