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best way to clean blinds

Wooden blinds and wood shutters can be a stylish and prudent addition to your home. Wood blinds, shutters, and woven coverings are timeless, sophisticated, and can be incorporated in modern, relaxed, or traditional interior design. Adding wood coverings to your windows and doors can also help temperature regulation by keeping the sun out and allowing the cool air in.

With all the benefits of wood shades and wood blinds what question do we hear the most?  How do I keep my wood blinds clean?

These stylish home accessories can be tricky to clean at first but once you get the right products and cleaning steps it is easy peasy.

Here are some tips on how to clean and preserve your wooden blinds and wood shutters.


Best Way to Clean Wooden Blinds

Your blinds should be dusted off regularly. This will help keep them from acquiring too much dust that can scratch the slats. It will also help when you go to do your yearly cleaning, making them easier and quicker to clean.

1. Dust your blinds before cleaning.
2. Spray a soft cloth or clean sock with furniture polish.
3. Wipe each slat individually.
4. Avoid touching the cords.



Tips to Keep in Mind

– Do not clean your blinds with excess water. Damp is okay, wet is not. Always remember that excess moisture can warp and discolor the wood.

– Dust your blinds often to avoid a large build up of dust because this can become difficult to clean off.

– Dust your blinds before cleaning to avoid scratches when wiping.


Best Cleaning Solutions for Wood Blinds

When cleaning your blinds, it is best to use furniture polish, and don’t forget that having the blinds damp is good, but wet is not. To maintain your wood blinds try some of these popular furniture polishes.

– Citra-Solv Citra Wood Natural Wood & Furniture

– Method Wood for Good Daily Clean

– Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Spray


Wood blinds add architecture and style to a home; help keep them that way by maintaining them regularly and properly. Make sure your wood blinds are looking their best by cleaning them consistently to keep them looking as good as new.