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Vertical Blinds San Diego

Vertical blinds are an attractive option for large windows or sliding glass doors. This window treatment first became popular in the 1960s as large sliding glass doors were increasingly installed into homes. They provide a practical way to reduce direct sunlight and increase privacy. Vertical blinds are a contemporary edge to modern design and are available in countless colors and materials.

Vertical blinds are the perfect choice for someone seeking:

  • A solution for wide windows or patio doors
  • Something easy to clean and replace
  • A way to make tall windows look very elegant, or
  • A way to make smaller windows look larger

Because they are aligned in an up and down manner, they collect less dust compared to their horizontal counterparts. As well, because of their orientation, they tend to be easier to open and close because you do not need to lift the blinds – you slide them side to side. Because the blinds can slide sideways, they are the prefered coverings for sliding doors.

In addition to privacy, vertical blinds can also discourage flying insects from entering, yet still allow air flow. By tilting the blinds at an angle, they can be effective in hiding from view the contents inside a room (for example, computers, large screen TV’s etcetera). Please call Express Blinds, Draperies & Shutters to learn more about our Vertical Blinds San Diego services: (619)-461-2101

vertical blinds San diego

Vertical Blinds San Diego, CA

Express Blinds, Draperies & Shutters has been in business for over 30 years and has a reputation for quality materials and excellent services. It is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. Owner Bob Sole is a certified Hunter Douglas Installer and a Master Level Shutter Installer. He has installed thousands of blinds, shades and shutters to homes in San Diego. Bob and his team of professionals can fit your windows with the coverings which suit your needs and fall within your budget.