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Vinyl Shutters San Diego

Vinyl shutters are an affordable and stylish alternative to real wood shutters; even without a budget in mind, vinyl shutters are easy to care for, making them a great choice in any home.

Vinyl shutters can withstand otherwise tough environments—such as areas with high humidity–meaning that they work well in rooms for young children as well as bathrooms. An advantage of vinyl over wood is that vinyl doesn’t warp the way wood does, nor is it likely to split, crack, or fade.

Shutters, both vinyl and wood, are a great tool for adding depth and visual appeal to a home—but vinyl is an economical and low-maintenance alternative to real wood shutters.

Things to think about when picking wood versus vinyl:

  • Will this window treatment be used in a high-humidity or otherwise harsh environment?
  • Do you want something that requires less maintenance?
  • What are your budget options?

Vinyl shutters are the perfect fit for you if all of these are things you’re considering in your selection process. Please contact Express Blinds, Draperies & Shutters by email or via telephone to learn more about our vinyl shutters San Diego services: (619)-461-2101. Our staff is on call and can answer all your questions regarding blinds, shutters, shades and drapes. We offer free, in house consultation so that you can visualize how the window and door coverings will look with your existing decor.

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Vinyl Shutters San Diego, CA

Express Blinds, Draperies & Shutters is pleased to offer San Diego residents vinyl shutters at affordable prices. With a variety of colors to choose from, excellent installation services, and affordable prices, you can’t go wrong with our vinyl shutters San Diego services. Owner Bob Sole and his team can help you find the perfect window and door treatments to give you privacy and style at home and at the office.