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Dark wood blinds in a living room

Are you looking to add dark wood blinds to your living room? Whether you have modern home decor, a contemporary look and feel, or a more rustic interior design, dark wood can add elegance and beauty to your home’s living room.

To choose the type of dark wood that would complement your home best, you will need to take into consideration your living room interior — how big is your room and what kind of color scheme are you incorporating? 


Why Choose Wood Blinds?

Utilizing wood blinds is a great way to control and moderate the lighting in a room easily. Wooden blinds give you the privacy you cannot always get with treatments such as curtains and they are also easier to maintain than other window treatments, such as those made of fabric like drapes. [Source]Dark wooden blinds


Living Room Designs

When choosing your dark wood, keep in mind the interior of your living room. Are the new dark wood blind installations going to flow with the way your room currently looks? Is your living room interior dark or light? Let’s compare a dark wood on dark design and a dark wood on light design, and see which would work best for you.

Dark on Dark Design

Although many people believe that having a room with a dark walls or dark furniture can make the room feel smaller, that is not necessarily completely true because dark colors recede. If you have a small space, painting your walls a deep blue or warm grey can trick the eye into not knowing where the walls end, giving it a sense of depth.

If your space is filled with primarily dark tones, you may have the sense of the walls being brought in a bit, but we have a solution. The trick is to paint your ceiling a white or light hue and just like that, your living room will appear much larger!

Dark on Light Design

Choosing to get dark wood blinds to use against a light interior design is a way to expand the feeling of the size of your living room. The dark wood blinds in your room become the focal point when they are set against a lighter hue, helping to open up the room. It is more likely that when you have visitors, they will focus more on the dark wooden blinds and less on the size of the room.


Popular Types of Dark Wood

If you are considering dark wood designs for your living room, you must first decide which type of dark wood you like. There are many different types of dark woods to choose from, and we have listed 3 of the most popular selections.

Mahogany Wood



Mahogany is a tropical reddish-brown hardwood from South American. It is great for carving and finishes well.



Cherry Wood


Cherry wood comes from the Eastern part of the United States and is sometimes called “fruitwood”. It is a moderately hard red-brown wood that is easy to carve and polish.




Walnut Wood


Walnut grows in Europe, America, and Asia. It is strong, hard, and durable without being too heavy. Walnut’s color varies from light to a dark chocolate brown. It possesses good woodworking qualities and also finishes well.




Incorporating dark wood blinds into your living room has great added benefits. Wooden blinds are easier to maintain, give privacy, and allow you the ability to control the amount of light that enters the room with just a twist of a handle.


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